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Product Information
eWatch is the fast, easy and cost-effective way to track what the media, investors, consumers and the competition are saying about your organization. Completely automated, eWatch scans hundreds of thousands of traditional print and Web-based articles and postings each day and delivers its findings back to you each day in an easy to read report.

What Does eWatch™ Monitor?

Breaking News

PrintPubs. New! Monitors over 12,500 print sources including dailies, weeklies, magazines, trade journals and wire services for articles of interest to you. A fast, easy and cost-effective way to get your print clips. More 
Web Pubs. Scans thousands of editorial-based online publications and blogs for articles about your organization, clients, competitors, and other topics of interest to you. More 

WebWatch™ Monitors non-editorial sites you specify - activist sites, hate groups, competitors, regulatory sites and more - alerting you to changes on sites that impact your business or organization. More 
Public Discussion

Investor Message Boards. Follows discussions on major stock message boards. More 
Newsgroups. Monitors public opinion from 66,000+ Usenet Newsgroups and 15,000 e-mail newletters and listservs-screened continuously by an eWatch analyst. More 
Online Service Forums. Scans public discussion areas of the major Internet service providers so you can learn what people are saying about you and your products on America Online and CompuServe. More 

All eWatch™ monitoring includes:
Unlimited search criteria and criteria changes
Up to five users
Flat-fee annual pricing (no per clip charges)
Continuously reports so you can react and respond quickly
Report delivery via password protected Web site or by email
Keyword highlighting in each report
24x7 customer support